A Small Team (2+) will leave the Safe-Zone with Medic-Rules and a 5min head start.
They will be Hunted by a Large Team with Unlimited Respawns
@Designated Respawn Points around the site(Hi-vis Cones).
The Entire site will be in Play with a 45min Time Limit.
Game ends when;
Hunted Team are Eliminated. (Hunters Win).
Time Runs Out.(Hunted Win).



A Bucket is placed(hanging on a branch) between two teams 200mtr from each other.

Eah teams objective is to obtain the Bucket and return it to their start point.

All players have Unlimited Respawns @start point.

Bucket cannot be thrown, and must be placed where lost.

If a player is hit while carrying Bucket he drops it in that spot.