Two Teams of equal numbers must perform respective roles : ATTACK and DEFEND of Three different bases.
Attackers have Unlimited Respawns(@ Designated Respawn Point).

Defenders must Retreat to next Base to respawn and await for second wave of Attack.
Attackers must Clear and Bomb all three Bases one at a time.

One member of Attacking Team will be Assigned Bomb-Carrier,

The Bomb Carrier may leave Bomb in safe place while Attacking.
Attackers must clear out and Occupy Base (En Masse) before they can plant and detonate bomb.
Clock stops after each Base is Bombed, and Time is Recorded.
After Third Base is Cleared and Bombed by Attackers,Clock stops and time is Calculated.
Teams switch Roles. Clock starts and Time is recorded between Bases.
Best Overall Base Turnover Time Wins.