Timed Game with "TURN-AROUND"
With One Base between Two Teams, Players must Fight to Control & Hold that position.
The Conflicted Base has a Flag pole with alternate Flags (Blue/Red).

Each Team must wear an arm-band matching the colour of their Team Flag.
Each Team's Objective is to Raise their Team Flag and Hold the Base for as long as they can.

Blue Team Raise Blue Flag, Red Team...Red Flag.

A Small Team (2+) will leave the Safe-Zone with Medic-Rules and a 5min head start.
They will be Hunted by a Large Team with Unlimited Respawns
@Designated Respawn Points around the site(Hi-vis Cones).
The Entire site will be in Play with a 45min Time Limit.
Game ends when;
Hunted Team are Eliminated. (Hunters Win).
Time Runs Out.(Hunted Win).


You're on your own... but not alone!

Single Players are released onto the field of play in 3 min intervals.

All players must use the 3 mins to conceal themselves somewhere on site.

All Players have one life. Once killed they must return directly to Safe-Zone.

Once all players are released, Game-on will be sounded.

Every Player must hunt as many other players as they can.

Last man standing wins.

     This game has Two Variations.

  • The first is a Timed Game with 
  • Two Teams of equal numbers must perform respective roles :  ATTACK AND DEFEND.
  • Attackers have unlimited Respawns @Designated Respawn Point (30ft. from Barracks)