Notoriously repressive, the Nicaragua Armed Forces (NAF) have maintained a tenacious oppression of the indigenous Romu people, a small ethnic group in the Cerro negro mountains.

The unexplained disappearance of young tribesmen from ROMU settlements near a NAF research facility has led to growing suspicion of military interference.

Some Romu believe the NAF have been carrying out unethical human experimentation… with grave consequences.

This local unrest has exacerbated the already volatile situation between the NAF and rebel forces scattered north of the Toma River.

Since the military blockade of the mighty Toma, which has cut off all supply lines, the NAF has encountered constant attack from the north at each crossing point along the river.

A manageable inconvenience for the battle-hardened NAF until a patrol boat (reported to be transporting sensitive medical materials) goes AWOL.

The Nights are long…                      Daylight always fading…
Between sporadic firefights the silence is broken only by a Shrill Voodoo lamentation…
"ROMU LAKU"… "ROMU LAKU"… Roughly translated… Walking Dead.