At some stage during the Night ye'll all wanna grab the Po'Fool, Strip him Naked and Tie him to Something...maybe Shave off an Eyebrow!!!
Bring Him to us first and we'll take some of the Fight outta him
With a generous lashing of BBs.

Airsoft is ideal for a stag-do activity as it combines a craic-filled rough and tumble tear around the woods with every lads boyhood daydream of playing soldiers.
Here @SOA we like to ensure everyone has the best (or worst) time on our site...depends on whose payin'!
If ye want the Marriage victim to have a Woeful Time, we can see to that... He won't know where its comming from!!!

Hell, ye all can have a go!!!
At the end of the Day ye can send the Hopeless Doormat-To-Be, o
ut into our site on his own and we'll all hunt him down... nice n' slow like!!!
Sure, We'll all be High-Fivin' and Fist-Bumbing as he Squeals like a pig!!!

We can Customise your Half Days Play to Start Early or Run Late.

We also cater for Hen Parties if yer brave enough girls!
Please contact us about group bookings through our
Contact Us page.

We can organise transport if required.