In this section we take the muzzle off our Fearless Leader and Lord Commander....            
The Man behind it all...PADDY.
Never slow to cut through the Bull-shite, Always at hand to say "Shut The F**k Up"...
Here Paddy gives his views, opinions and general "ways to go" about everything Airsoft.

Or when not to... is a fractious subject within the Airsoft Community...
Here's what Paddy has to say about the matter.

"Here at Silent Orchard we like to take a no nonsense approach to everything...
 That includes disputes between Players.
 Two players shouting across at each other because one, or the other(or both) refused to take a Hit, is Laughable.
 Lads... if you witness a Player not taking a Hit, report it to a Marshal...Do Not Call a Player Out during a Skirmish.
 Nobody wants arguments...nobody wants negative situations that will disrupt a Good Day of Airsoft,
 And we like to make sure everybody has a Good Day of Airsoft.
 Our Marshals have lots of experience with this and we have our own unique way of dealing with the situation.
 Leave It To Us!!! I
f This means letting a Non-Hit-Taking Player believe they have "Gotten away with it" for a short time...
That is what we will do...but rest assured "Justice Will Be Served!"
 When a Player draws the wrong type of attention from the Marshals, trust me, it is hard to shake off, 
 And that Player will be "Branded" every time they step into a Game here."

"An Honest Player who is Genuinely unaware they have been Hit has two ways of reacting when called out by a Marshal.
 A. Get all defensive and angry at being the victim of a mass conspiracy to ruin their Day.
 B. Take it on the chin with an open mind, allowing for how difficult it is for a marshal to police this matter.
 I don't give Two $#1Ts which way you react...the outcome will always be the same... Marshal Rules!
 Remember, Marshal decisions are final, We do not intend to upset anybody's Game but the Honour System must be Up Held."

"Ricochets happen when a BB strikes a nearby surface before it hits you. These do not count as Hits.
 Gun Hits are self explainatory... Switch to your secondary firearm if you have one. Otherwise you are deemed "Hit".
 Blue on Blue is when a Player shoots his Team-mate...I know...lovely!!! It happens... and when it does, Both Players must take the Hit.
 Bang Kill is when a player is close enough and has more than an A4 size view of their opponent, to "Call the Kill" by saying "BANG"
 At SOA we expect all Players to take Bang Kills unless they feel it was called unfairly...then play on.
 Sometimes two opposing players can Kill each other at the same time...
 In this instance we recommend that both players take the Hit.. Fair Play to Ye both."
 If You are being accused of Cheating, kindly tell the other player to report it to a Marshal...
 Disputes are for Marshals to resolve, not players..."
"Get it????"
"Thanks For Listening".