If you own, or have the use of, a GO-PRO
Or other type of action camera capable of capturing your  
Heroic Ass-kicking Airsoft Battles,
You may get the chance to Play @ SOA for free!!!
Or even Win a BRAND NEW G&G M4!!!
We want you to share your
Silent Orchard Experience with the world,
With the possibility of becoming an

Over-Night YouTube Sensation!!!
Come to SOA, strap your GO-PRO to your Kit or Your RIF
And have a blast.
Once you have viewed and Edited your "Show-Piece"
To your liking, send it on to our Visual Production team
And, depending upon whether or not we can use your content, 
We will send a Full Day Gameplay Voucher for You & Friend.
When we receive your "Awesome Game-Changing Footage"
You will be entered into our
with a chance to walk away with a brand new G&G M4.
The Over-All Winner will be announced at the end of the Year, 
following the Raffle at our

The Best Footage wins the M4 and the "Glorious Honour"
of taking Front Stage on the Front Page on our Website
for the following month of January.

                 { END OF US }
Sometime in the not too Distant Future...
Civilisation has taken a Massive Leap Backwards Following the Zombie Plague which has Decimated Humanity and its Social Structures.

Although that Unrelenting March of the Undead has all but Ended... The Real Struggle for Mankind is just beginning.
The Female Population has neared Extinction, and this has Driven a Stake into the Heart of Man.
With Little Hope of Long Term Survival of our Species, Each Desparate Renegade Thrives on a common goal...


                              { NIGHT GAME }
Notoriously repressive, the Nicaragua Armed Forces (NAF) have maintained a tenacious oppression of the indigenous Romu people, a small ethnic group in the Cerro negro mountains.

The unexplained disappearance of young tribesmen from ROMU settlements near a NAF research facility has led to growing suspicion of military interference.

In this section we take the muzzle off our Fearless Leader and Lord Commander....            
The Man behind it all...PADDY.
Never slow to cut through the Bull-shite, Always at hand to say "Shut The F**k Up"...
Here Paddy gives his views, opinions and general "ways to go" about everything Airsoft.

We love to give back to the community and society as a whole.

If you have a cause you support please let us know and we can organise an on-site event to help you raise funds.

At some stage during the Night ye'll all wanna grab the Po'Fool, Strip him Naked and Tie him to Something...maybe Shave off an Eyebrow!!!
Bring Him to us first and we'll take some of the Fight outta him
With a generous lashing of BBs.