Frequently Asked Questions

Airsoft is a military simulation sport which originated in Japan in the 80s. 
Relatively new to Ireland, it is a primarily recreational activity where replica firearms shooting plastic rounds are used for gaming scenarios
or professional training porposes (Military simulations and police training).
Combat situations on the battlefield often involve the use of common military tactics to achieve the objectives set in each game...
and just like the real can be "killed" once "hit" by another players fire.

Airsoft is a Game Of Honour... Players are expected to uphold a code of Honour...basically Take your Hits.


No more dangerous than any other activity which requires a higher level of physical exertion. 
Proper footwear is recommended and ,as with most accidents, if its predictable, its preventable. 
The most important thing to bring with you onto the field is common sense.  
Of course, being shot at always has its dangers but we promote safe game play above all else and do not condone aggressive behavior.
Eye protection Is the most important piece of kit you will play with and it must be respected...
Keep it on (over your eyes!!) at all times and it will eliminate that kind of nasty accident.

An Open Mind and a Positive Attitude are Essential.
We promote the Serious Fun Aspect in gameplay. Play Hard and Fast but try to keep a sense of Fair-Play about your Game.
We provide everything you will need to enjoy a good day of Airsoft, a fully automatic AK47,unlimited BBs and full face protection.
You will need to bring a packed lunch as we do not have catering facilities on site.
If possible, please wear appropriate footwear such as hiking boots (No Wellies) with decent ankle support. 
Dress according to the weather conditions keeping in mind you may be crouching, crawling and adapting various stress positions
in your attempts to fulfill most Scenario Objectives. 
After that, we can cater for any other special requirements.

Please contact Paddy through Facebook.        

Minimum age of Participation is 14 years old.

Under 18s will need a Parent or Guardian present upon arrival to sign a consent form.

Please let us know of any special requirements you may need before you book.


Packed lunch, Plenty of fluids.
We encourage all players to bring along any Airsoft related gear/equipment they may have,
keeping in mind all Guns will be Chrono'ed before play and any Props, Grenades, Shields may be disallowed on the day.  
We do not permit the use of Flares, Lasers or Sharp-pointed Weapons in game.
Training & prop knives are allowed...(including Awesome Movie Props please...Broadsords /Machettes etc).

Good boots with ankle support.

Hard wearing clothing suitable for hiking/tracking.

Some sort of headwear and gloves recommended.

Knee pads... Bring em if ya got em! Ya may find em handy!

Please Consider the weather when setting out.

Once Everyone has Geared Up and the Safety Breach has been called, One of our Marshalls will Name and Explain the First Game of the Day.
This is usually a warm up game and should be taken at half pace to allow everyone to feel their way into the Skirmish.Please see our Scenarios section above for more on the type of games we like to run @SOA.
Each Scenario has varying durations from 25-45 mins. depending on Numbers, Weather, Stoppages and the Type of Game it is.
If at any time, for whatever reason, you wish to stop playing please call for a marshal to bring his attention to your absence, then proceed directly to the Safe-Zone.
Also, if at any point during the day, for whatever reason, you have to leave the site, please let us know so we may thank you for your participation and assist you however we can.
Airsoft is not a Leisurely activity, and its not for everyone...but like most sports if you persevere and get to know our site, you will find the Experience pays for itself...stick with it.

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We can accommodate groups of up to 30 rentals and if you require food and refreshments, we can organise the caterers.

Prawn Sandwich Anyone?

(We offer Discounts on Groups of Ten or More)

Firstly, allow us to direct you to our "Rules and Waivers" section where you can familiarise yourself with basic code of conduct and site Insurance Waiver.

We are currently in the process of a Risk Assessment and Safety Statement program.

Minimum age of Participation is 14 years old.

Under 18s must have a Guardian sign Consent.

No Rental Magazines allowed inside the Safe-Zone.

Face protection must be worn at all times once outside the Safe-Zone.

No Climbing/Moving of any Defensive Obstacles/Trees/Walls.