We are developing the site every week, whether it be the removal/build of a Defensive Obstacle
Or the complete De-Construction and Relocation of an Entire Base...
A lot can change @S.O.A in a week.
Because of this Evolution, 
Our site continues to offer surprises to both Regular Airsofters and Returning Players.
With this Development and Evolution, We are getting the very best out of the site's topography,
Working with what nature has built, while stamping our own identity throughout the Site.
We have always tried to create a balance between Attack and Defence,
Giving each Player the Chance to Advance their skills In-Scenario.
Every Base/Fort/Barracks is Penetrable...
A player just has to find the Way.
In The Same way, Every Base is Defendable...
But its Great Teams that really Win Games.
Join Us and See for Yourself.

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