Silent Orchard Airsoft

We are an airsofting site about 20 minutes from Cashel, Thurles and Tipperary town.

SilentOrchardAirsoft is a Combat Simulation Arena located between Cashel, Thurles & Tipperary Town.The site is based in the Turraheen Valley on a rough staggered terrain. It consists of a wooded area called 'the orchard', a CQB area called the 'kill house', old walled area called 'the barracks' and many forts dotted throughout the site. Since opening, we have worked to enhance the many aspects of the natural foliage while maintaining the ever-changing "man-made" defences and structures. So much so that, the Site takes on a new personality every few months which keeps Gameplay Fresh.We have open skirmishes going on every Sunday and keep checking Here and our Facebook page for any changes or big events coming up.

            ITS FINALLY HERE!!!
Now you can Virtually get a Birds Eye View of this Amazing Adventure Center,
Or take a wander through the Woodland
And Open Play area, Exploring all the Forts
And Bases as You Go.


The Silent Orchard Arena has improved steadily since its modest beginnings back in 2012.
After 5 years in Operation the Playing Field has seen many Changes and Substantial Growth.
Here we profile the extent of that growth with site photos taken over the 5 years 
accompanied by the views of some of our more experienced players.

Airsoft is a great sport for people of all ages, skill levels, and from all walks of life who have the desire and energy
to engage in combat with other airsoft enthusiasts.
It is a sport that uses the brain as well as the body, and for this reason it is loved by people all across the world.

Airsoft is about having fun above all else.
You cannot do that if you lose an eye or a tooth because you disregarded the importance of face protection.
Being safe in Game is 50% equipment...50% common sense.
Read on to educate yourself on the more important aspects of Safe Play.

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